Dressing up the pathway

I’ve disliked our rock pathway from the beginning.  There was not enough rocks to keep it from getting muddy and was lumpy and uneven to walk on.  Not to mention painful if you were not wearing shoes.  I was delaying putting down pavers because it was going to be a huge ordeal to do it properly and I do not have the energy or patience to take on that task.  However, last weekend I was heading to the store to buy a pot for a tomato plant and decided to grab some pavers and Irish Moss.  Why I lost my mind for a moment I will never know.  It didn’t cost a lot so I figured I would do it quick and easy with multiple shortcuts.  If it didn’t work, it wouldn’t be the end of the world and if it did work, great!  

My walkway before, with Susie supervising

As you can see, the walkway is pretty unsightly.  I will deal with the left side and those wooden beams later.  I’m think of building up the side and adding some shade plants, but back to the walk way.  By the time I was back from the store, it was hot and I only had about 6 hours of daylight left on a Sunday afternoon.  Meaning, I was pressed for time and my plan to use short cuts was definitely going to happen.  Since I am a procrastinator, setting things aside for when I have time is not an option.  I will never get back to them.  Ever.  So I started pulling up rocks with my little hand rake and once I had a foot square, I put down a cement paver.  Now, if I was doing this properly, I would have made sure the ground was level, but I’m pretty sure they will settle in after walking on them a while.  It’s only been a week since I put them down and they already seem pretty stable.  What I was most concerned about was planting the Irish Moss because it was going to be really shallow.  At this point, I don’t remember if it’s Irish or Scottish Moss so if I said the wrong thing, I apologize.  I dug the rocks out, added some soil about 1 inch deep, spread the roots out, patted the soil and hoped for the best.

Freshly planted

 I was not concerned about setting the pavers evenly or in a straight line.  I actually like the imperfect look in the garden so it was easy to not be hard on myself about that.  The whole job took me between 2 and 3 hours, with a break of course.  I wasn’t sure the moss would survive because it was planted so shallow, but so far it’s working.

Moss one week later

As you can see in this picture, the moss is growing and flowering one week later.  I have been watering them every evening and have not seen any signs of trouble.  If they continue to flourish, I will probably add some more because I would like to have the Irish moss all the way around the pavers.  We shall see.  Of course I should have taken more time and done things properly, but for a quick afternoon activity, I am really enjoying my path and looking forward to watching it grow.

One week later

Gardening is an exercise in patience.  You just keep going, one step at a time.


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