The first customization of my Fiat 500 Abarth.

The Fiat 500 Abarth is a fantastically fun car for multiple reasons.  Aside from being fun to drive, they are relatively cheap and easy to customize.  There are endless possibilities and for once, I am looking forward to customizing my car.  Normally I leave my cars exactly as purchased.  Don’t ask me why, I don’t have an answer.


This picture was taken the day I brought my little cherry tomato home.  The previous owner had the car lowered and although I had some reservations about buying a car that was modified, Fiat assured me that it was a Fiat technician that had installed the kit.  There are plenty of people that prefer their Abarth lowered and it is pretty great in the corners, but I’m certain those people have another car as their daily driver.  Or they live in a smooth, flat, perfect world with no railroad tracks.  Unfortunately, I do not and this car is meant to be my daily driver.  Yes I can slow way down for anything that is an inch above the ground, but there are always sudden surprises that pop up.  My biggest concern wasn’t speed bumps, railroad tracks or my driveway.  My biggest concern was winter driving.  My husband has had an Abarth for a couple years and it’s really pretty great in the snow.  However, the snow gets packed in the wheel wells of a regular Abarth so I was certain it would be even worse when there is less space.   Despite my concerns, the car was a good price and there really are not a lot of Abarths to chose from in my area.  Used or new.   So I bought the car knowing that I would have to pay to raise it back to normal pretty soon.

The dealership was going to charge about $1,800.00 to replace the springs, but we decided to go a bit cheaper, because we can.  My husband found the same springs he has on his for about $160.00 and his dad was able to help install them.  I normally would not agree to do it ourselves, but his dad is experienced and has the proper equipment to complete the job safely and correctly.  It was completed today and here is what it looks like now.

It doesn’t look like a big difference, but it is a huge difference driving over the train tracks near our house.  I had to drive about 6 mph over the tracks when it was lowered and it was still risky.  Now I can fly over them at 25 or 30 mph if I so chose.  I no longer have to remember to take a different route with tracks that are smoother.  I will be sad that corners will not be quite as snug, but the car is still fun and it’s personalized to my taste.  I’m not sure what changes I will make in the future.  Most likely a gear shift knob at least, but there are endless possibilities and miles of fun to be had!

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